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Suspense/Thrillers & Crime/Mysteries

Larry Enmon’s writing philosophy is simple, tell a good story. That's the one thing all great books and movies have in common. Strong characters, in an interesting place, having exciting experiences are the key elements of a thrilling adventure.

After thirty-seven years in public service, working federal law enforcement and national security investigations, Larry Enmon has met enough strong characters, traveled to enough interesting places, and amassed enough exciting experiences to provide material for dozens of books.

Six years with the Houston Police Department was his introduction to law enforcement. He worked as a patrol officer and undercover vice. Shot at, but never hit.

His twenty years in the Secret Service provided him an introduction to the classified and shadowy world of national security.

A truck convoy carrying nuclear warheads speeds through the New Mexico night en route to Los Alamos National Laboratory. Ambushed, unknown hijackers take six nuclear warheads. The President orders all law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies to the search.

Troy Bishop, assigned to DoD’s Proactive Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG), is dispatched to New Mexico, but what he discovers is much worst than just the theft of weapons of mass destruction. Instead, a sinister plan forty years in the making is about to come to fruition.

With a takeover of the government imminent, Bishop understands the clock is ticking down to stop the plan but has few options and even less time.

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