Terrorists constantly probe U.S. defenses for holes and weakness—especially Presidential protection. Abdul-Sattar al-Sayed finds one. Saving the president falls
to Secret Service Agent Michael Roberts.

In CLASS III THREAT, Roberts has the job of figuring out Sayed’s plan and how to stop him. Together with Troy Bishop, from the Department of Defense, they search for Sayed before he can complete his murderous task. Because no one has an accurate description of Sayed, Roberts’ only lead is Abbey Van Slyck, a nine year
old Indigo Child who can read people’s auras. She and her mother, Susan, get
swept up in the search while attending the Presidential Nominating Convention in Dallas. Roberts develops strong feelings for them that puts him in a quandary. How much danger can he subject them to in the name of Presidential protection?


The theft of nuclear warheads on U.S. soil has long been a reoccurring national nightmare. While abundant safeguards are in place to prevent such a thing, even
the best of plans can be compromised. In WORST POSSIBLE SCENARIO, Troy Bishop’s former job as a Delta Team operator is much like his current job with the DoD. When a shipment of nuclear warheads is stolen, the worst possible scenario is feared: an attack against the United States. Bishop uncovers a conspiracy larger
than anyone imagines. The only question—can he stop it in time?


In BIOWATCH, DoD operator Troy Bishop is sent to Victoria, British Columbia to find the source of a deadly virus that threatens the entire U.S. Western seaboard. Working with Gillian Hathaway from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service,
and Nigel Goodwin from British MI-6, they track the virus to a secluded island. The
reclusive billionaire woman who lives there may hold the key, but getting the evidence becomes the challenge. Time is not on their side—a biological attack against the United States could happen any day. Pressed by all intelligence agencies to find a solution, they come up with a bold and dangerous plan to uncover the truth.


A nerve gas attack in a London subway station reveals a seventy-year-old secret,
and plunges allied intelligence agencies into a hunt for the perpetrators. This fast moving adventure takes the reader around the world on DoD Agent Troy Bishop’s quest for the culprits. He discovers it’s not just a terrorist attack, but a dark
malevolent organization from the past attempting to rise again - and it may already be
too late to stop them.


The kidnapping of the mayor's daughter sends Dallas Police detective's Rob Soliz and Frank Pierce on the trail of the kidnappers. The only evidence to the disappearance is a Bible found in her car with the word Wormwood highlighted
under Revelation. Frank and Rob are pulled deeper into the disturbing investigation involving Bible prophecy, doomsday cults, and murder. They discover other kidnapped victims, men with strange full back tattoos, and evidence of a dark
prophet called Brother John. During their quest, an old ghost resurrects herself, forcing Frank to deal with his religious doubts and a long-kept secret he's shared
with no one. The trail leads to an old antebellum mansion in the deep woods of rural East Texas. It's not until then that the full horror of the case becomes apparent.


Dallas Police Detectives Rob Soliz and Frank Pierce are trying to stop a gang war, but someone keeps killing members of the opposing gangs. The chief suspect is a wily gang leader named Antoine Levern, but Frank's not buying it. The more he investigates, the more he's persuaded. Whoever is behind the killings has some special powers he's never encountered. He tries to convince himself otherwise, but all evidence points to sorcery. (Due in 2017)

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